We hope you will join us for a weekend filled with


*Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

THURSDAY 6/23/2022

12:00 pm: Arrival and Stalling of Animals Begin,
Setup Displays in Vendor Areas

4:00 pm: ILR-SD Fleece Judging Begins

5:00 pm: Youth Judging Tutorial/Refresher, Location TBA

6:00 pm: Youth Judging Begins, Show Arena

7:00 pm: Fiber Clinic Begins, Location TBA

FRIDAY 6/24/2022

8:00 am: Welcome and Introduction of ILR Board and Gathering Committee, Exhibitor Meeting, ILR Meeting, Center Court

Following: ILR-SD Gathering Show begins with performance classes, Show Arena Rings A, B and C – Course order will be Advanced/Senior, Intermediate, Sub Jr, Junior, Novice

8:30 am: ILR-SD Fleece Judging Continues, Location TBA

3:00 pm: ILR-SD Fleece Judging Closes

5:30 pm or Following Performance: Let the party begin! Complimentary light dinner provided by The Gathering, Center Court – Bar will be available

6:30 pm: The Gathering Sale Preview, Center Court

7:00 pm: The Gathering Sale Begins, Center Court

SATURDAY 6/25/2022

7:30 am: Breakfast Table Provided by Iowa Llama Association(ILA) and Lash Unique Animals

8:00 am: Show begins with ILR Futurity classes, starting with Class One, Show Arena

Immediately Following: Pleasure and Obstacle Driving classes, Outdoor Show Arena

Immediately Following: ILR-SD Showmanship Classes Begin Show Arena Ring A: Adult, Senior

Show Arena Ring B: Intermediate, Junior, Sub-Jr.

Immediately Following: ILR-SD Halter Show begins with Suri classes, Show Arena

Lunch Break: Results and Champions announced for Fleece, Performance and Youth Awards, Center Court

5:30 pm or Immediately Following: ILR-SD Youth Activities! The famous ILR-SD Youth Auction and Barnyard Olympics, Location TBA

SUNDAY 6/26/2022

7:30 am: Breakfast Table Provided by Iowa Llama Association(ILA) and Lash Unique Animals

8:00 am: ILR-SD remaining Halter classes, Show Arena

Immediately Following : ILR-SD Group Classes

Immediately Following: Presentation of Traveling Trophies